Jo Russell is a highly skilled, qualified Equine Physical Therapy practitioner trained to assess, provide treatment and rehabilitation plans. Educated by the Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy, (A.C.A.T.T.). Internationally renown for providing students with the highest level of in-depth, extensive education in horse massage techniques and the most advanced practitioner level equine skills available in Australia!

  • Certificate Equine Sports Therapy. A.C.A.T.T.

  • Diploma of Equine Tactile Therapy, (Advanced/Remedial Equine Massage Therapy). Currently studying at A.C.A.T.T.

  • Equine Acupressure

  • Certificate in NAT Trigger Point Equine Therapy

  • Certificate in NAT Myofascial Trigger Point/Dry Needling. Currently Studying. 

  • NCAS Equestrian Australia Riding Coach

  • 25 years medical experience

  • TAE40116 Certificate IV Training & Assessment. Trainer and Assessor specialising in Nationally Accredited Medical training. 

  • Former U.K. & QAS Advanced Care Paramedic

Why is Equine Physical Therapy more than just a massage? 
It can be broadly defined as the restoration of movement & function. This involves using a professional assessment & reasoning process to select appropriate interventions or treatments for the individual patient looking at physical, psychological, emotional & well-being. 
Using an evidence-based, clinical reasoning process to underpin the management processes by assessment & reassessment of the patient by objective outcome measures, which is not merely the broad application of one or more treatment modalities such as massage.
(King, Davidson 2016. Rehabilitation of the Equine Athlete)

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